We are a brand resource and partner. Our sole mission is to help your brand achieve its goals in the US market.

MDI is a conduit which companies utilize to enter a highly competitive retail landscape. Through focusing on brand development and a technology driven method to channel penetration we have helped innovative brands from around the world stay ahead of the trends and find success launching in a new territory.


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We know retail. Our team is here to help your brand create and execute a plan designed specifically to meet your needs. Let us help you reach your goals and maximize your interactions with potential customers. Whether you are still a concept or an international brand. Take a look at our services and let us know which areas we can help with.

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Our team has helped dozens of brands identify what it takes to succeed in the US. We want your team to focus on what they’re great at and let us help with the rest. If we don’t have the team member in house we have resources across the country to help you find the perfect tool to achieve success.

MDI has longstanding relationships with key national retailers across North America

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